Ok, here is the second story arc/volume/saga of my Danny Phantom Fanfic.

Since I pusblish them all here at once, I publish them in TPB format, yu know like comics do, which is why I changed the title to Vol 1 and 2, but... those are just the story arcs, it is still vol one. You can also see them here:

Danny Phantom Unlimited 13Edit

Chapter 13

Sick Sad World, Prologue

What the world needs.

Two weeks ago a ghost bomb blew up half of Amity Park, in an incident known now as "The Bombing of Amity Park". That same day Technus broke Danny's ghost core unleashing his unlimited potential but taking away all control over his power, leaving him as good as powerless, unable to stop the incoming war between the human world and the Ghost Zone. Crippled, he sought out for help from a "shady gentlemen" who granted him a new cutting edge battle-suit that would not only hold his powers together as it heals them but it would also allow him to tap into his unlimited potential without losing control, making him stronger than before.

Now he flies higher and faster than ever reaching heights he could only dream of reaching on his own, ready to meet the man of mystery that gave him his new suit.

When Danny called Mr. M to set a meeting claiming he wanted to talk to him in person, he expected to meet him either in a really big fancy building or in a dark parking lot, but the meeting point was beyond the limits of what he could have imagined.

Instead of a ground based headquarter, the New Millennium Foundation operation center is a giant hovercraft at least the size of Amity Park. Just the mere sight of it from the distance took his breathe away and rendered him speechless barely able to utter a faint "wow" in its presence.

The H# was large chromed V-shaped airborne platform with large reflective glass windows on each side and a very large crystal sphere in the middle which seemed to be a ghost energy powered engine resembling a giant plasma lamp.

Flying closer to this massive flying aircraft he sees the structure is even larger than he first conceived.

- How am I supposed to find M in this place?

- Don't worry, in the spirit of games like Zelda, I'll be the annoying fairy that will lead you through halls of this labyrinth. Only but instead of a fairy I'm just a voice in your head and instead of an old castle, it is a city large high-tech aircraft - explains G.A.S.P.E.R., his suit's ghostly operational system.

- Dude, there is so much wrong with what you just said.

Following the instructions of his suit, Danny floats through the hovercraft's halls getting amazed at every turn with everything he saw, the technology of the base was nothing like he had ever seen. It was like staring into the future.

- Tucker would love this place. - He states.

Finally he phases into Mr. M's office where he was sitting waiting for him. His office was a dark room with only one spotlight on Danny's head leaving Mr. M's face in the dark. The scenario seemed a cliche ripped off from a spy movie but Danny was willing to play along. He knew it had to be a dark room with no doors or windows, absolutely isolated for utmost privacy so he could talk to him about his latest decision to join the New Millennium Foundation.

- …So, you have decided to join us? - asks Mr. M hiding the excitement and surprise in his voice. - You have no idea the joy it fills me with to hear you have decided to become one of us. But… may I inquire why exactly?

- The thing is… I can't do tit, ok? It's only been two weeks since the bomb and the ghost are starting to go all-out war on us and… I know this isn't even the beginning of the real war. Ghost are attacking the real world more than ever before and I'm powerless to stop them all, even with my team and my upgrades-I couldn't even control my powers if it wasn't because of this suit you gave me. Thanks by the way.

- You're welcome.

- I want to save the world, but… you were right, I can't do it alone, and my team… my resources… they're too limited. If I want to save the world, I have to get better, I have to be unlimited… I have to be part of your foundation.

- I see… Before we come to a final decision I must tell you this, there are more things to this war that you do not know. Things I know and given you are the only one who can save us at the end, I owe it to you to let you know but for that same reason I must ask you one thing before telling you anything

- What is it? My mom's phone number? - he asks with his usual jocular.

- You see, to save the world we need to change more than just you.

- How so? What do you mean? - asks Danny tilting his head confused.

- To save the world, we must first change it… we got to make it better as well. I need your help to change the planet, to make it… a Phantom Planet. Would you help me do that?

A Day for Tomorrow

Amity Park, 6 Years into the future.

- "And now, the election week is over, votes are counted, the decision has been made - says the news host -. After a very heated and close contend, the new and first president of the human-ghost world zone is… ladies and gentlemen, Danny Phantom, winning by a very, very close range, with only 1,02 % of votes over his contender, Nicolai Technus. This is the true beginning of a new era, one where the human world and the ghost zone will finally be one world, and will have a place in the Galactic Council, a face to represent both humans and ghost alike, as a single specie…"

Those were the words that changed the world. People around it goes crazy when they hear those words, humans, ghost and hybrids alike. Of course those who where on Technus side where sad and angry like when Obama beat senator McCain in the elections of 2008. But those on my side… I can see them partying like crazy on the streets. Literally, I don't know if I should step in… maybe it'll make things worst. Besides I have a meeting with my team.

Location, still non-existent.

I step through the double solid plasma doors at the other end of a silver, green and black hall and close them behind me. As I keep walking forward, I spot a man with green skin and a ponytail, wearing a black cloak who walks out of the shadows as I turn away from the doors

- President Phantom - said Technus to me.

- Senator Technus.

The two of us step up and face each other like if we wanted to kill the other, then start to giggle, then roar with laughter.

- Boom baby! - we say while we give each other a high-five and a low-five.

- I almost thought we were gonna tie for a minute there. - He says with a big smile on his green face. - That would have screwed us all.

- You and me both. Still… you played it perfectly, there was no way we failed. You know what that means.

- Yes, I sure do - says with great relief.

- …Is everyone here?

- Yes, the whole Phantom and Technus team is here.

- Nick, we had this conversation before, that's an awful name - I say opening the black double door at the end of the hall -. From now on… we are the New Millennium Corps - I say walking into the room. - The most powerful phantom team in the universe.

I walk in and take a look at my new teammates: Ember McLain fashioning a new even more rocker outfit with a fish net underneath her, uh, let's say remains of T-shit, ragged leather pants and a very tight and short skirt with a flaming skulls belt, Spectra wearing a more elegant and decent body tight dress with small shoulder pads -very 90's-esque- and what I think is a very big cleavage, the Fright Knight "2.0" with a Technus-Phantom armor, and of course my cronies Tucker, Dani and Valerie.

- Whatever you say, you are the president now - he says.

- Yeah, so I've heard, buddy - said Tucker.

- I know, I love democracy, when it works on my favor of course. God, when did I become a politician?

- You guys are out of your freakin' minds, you know that? - he points not knowing how much truth there is in his words.

- Yes, we do - I reply.

- Bravo! - exclaims Spectra. - For years you two have been working on this plan and you've finally pulled it off! Question is, what are you pulling off? After all this time and work you still haven't tell us what.

- Whatever it is… Sure hard part's over, right? - Dani asks.

- Actually, the hard part's just starting - states Technus.

- I knew it! I knew when you two ran for President you were just working an angle - Tuck says grinning.

- Always workin' the angles. - I said. - Guys, we've all known each other a long time, had many incredible adventures, saved the world countless time - I say looking at my oldest friends -, tried to kill each other only to change our lives in way we never thought possible - I say looking at my most unexpected allies -, but this is going to be our greatest feat ever. The ultimate goal that will ensure a legacy-our legacy shall be… unlimited…

- So… Now, what's next on the agenda, President? - Tucker asks.

- Business as usual - I says with smirk.

- Business as usual - Technus repeats.

- Now prepare… 'cuz phase two of our plan is on the way.

- That's my favorite phase - Ember says, stretching her body over the sofa she was laying on, exposing her underboob down her tattered t-shirt.

Danny Phantom Unlimited 14Edit

Chapter 14

Sick Sad World, Part 1

Welcome to the New Age

August 25.

A month after the bomb.

11:32 PM Local Time

Las Vegas, Nevada.

His palms are sweaty, he's weak and his head feels so heavy. But in the surface he looks calm and ready to drop palms. The crowd goes so loud as he flies in the air performing aerobatic stunts he's practiced for weeks now, leaving a green wake of energy coming from his ghost tail and flies onto the stage in his ghost-self wearing his new glowing ghost suit, now glowing green instead of white. He lands on stage on one knee, staring at the floor, and rises his head to look at the huge crowd yelling his name, his heartbeat racing and pounding harder than ever before. He is surrounded by sexy dancer girls dressed with a sexy tank-suit-like version of his new ghost suit with white tight-high boots, black gauntlets and even a one piece version of his new mask. Millions of people, gathered from all around the world, all of them traveled hundred, thousands of miles to be here in this important moment.

The crowd yells his name and ask him to use his ghost rays.

- You want to see my ghost rays? Then you are going to see ghosts rays - he said with his arms drawn to his sides, and only his fore arms raised, firing a streaming green plasma ray from each hand which slowly turns into a blue cold energy ray, creating a little snowfall on the stage.

Danny stands tall, going human. In his human-self he wears new fancy clothes, the most expensive and elegant suit in the world, brand new made no more than an hour ago by the world best fashion designers, so good I won't even begin to try to describe it. This new suit as his ghost suit was another gift from Mr. M who believed Danny had to look the best he could for this big moment of his.

Never before Danny has faced such a huge crowd as he does tonight, of doing so Danny Fenton would panic but instead of fear his face reflects confidence like he has never had before because now he is Danny Phantom, the world's greatest hero and this day is a day of change for him and his entire planet, a change he is willing to embrace with his arms wide open. Now rising his right hand as he walks around stage among the sexy dancer girls, he takes his microphone from the backstage with his telekinesis.

People cheer him on even more, fangirls waving boards with the words "I love U" and "Marry Me", jumping excited, yelling his name and how much they love him.

- Thanks, thank you everybody. - He says into the microphone as he gestured for silence. Slowly, they begin to hush and simmer down to listen to what he says. - I love you too, that's why I'm glad you came here to the first… Phantom Convention!. - Exclaims opening his arms leaving the microphone floating in front of him while people cheer him on again. - Tonight is a big night, tonight is not about me, is about you, about us. In fact, is not just us. Tonight is about legacy, our legacy! Tonight is about our future, the beginning of a new age, a new world for future generations to come!

People cheer him on again, clapping at him. This was his moment, all this people, all his followers, even those who couldn't make it to the convention and had to watch it on tv, was feeling his words.

- As many of you must know by now, a month ago a nuclear ghost bomb exploded in my city, blowing up half of Amity Park. Some people got hurt, some people died… and some others got turned into ghost-zombies, abominations meant to take over our world - he says prone tightening his fists -. That attack was the doing of a mad ghost named Technus, hell-bent on taking over the human world, our world! - said Danny staring at the crowd's eyes as he walks holding back the microphone. - But that is not going to happen, our future won't be to be slaves of a ghost, and I'll do anything within my power, to stop it. But I cannot save the world alone. I'd know, believe me, I've tried. That, is why we are here, tonight and why I so cleverly gathered all of the best minds in the world, in here in the Phantom Convention. Starting from tomorrow night, we will begin a new era, one where there would be no more ghost threats, no threats of any kind such as illness, crime, no more wars! We will get better, bigger. We'll create a new planet, we will make this world, a Phantom Planet!

A big hologram with the words Phantom Planet in green letters appears behind him, with a futuristic vision of the earth while he opens his arms.

Everyone in the crowd cheer him up even louder than before, clapping and celebrating his words of hope for a new era.

- We will be stronger than ever before! Now, it seemed that we had our fair share of fun here tonight, and most of you must be wondering where was I when all of this started? Well let me tell you, this future won't be limited to this earthly realm. Our future will be unlimited! It will go to infinity and beyond the last frontier. That's why I spent most of the day in outer space, helping to finish the Phantom Prime Satellite, which will come active tomorrow midnight. But until then, as if it is New Year's Eve... let's get this party started! - yelled, ordering Humpty Dumpty, the guest band, to play their new album "The Falling Specter".

Said satellite in which Danny actually worked all day was designed by the greatest minds of Axion Labs, the NASA but mainly the Millennium Foundation's scientists. Similar in many ways to a Dyson sphere, this satellite is a spherical megastructure that floats around the sun to capture most of its power, becoming -among other things- a reliable and almost unlimited clean energy source that will bring light and life. 
The satelite's construction as well as the whole convention was all paid for by Mr. M in the form of "anonymous donors".

Backstage, 11:42 PM Local Time

- Danny, I can't believe it! This is happening again - yelled Sam, hysterically.

- Yes it does sweetie. It happens to you and every girl about once a month and it last about a week or so. Even I know that, but that's because I was eavesdropping when mom explained it to Jazz - he said in a sarcastic and condescended tone. - Thanks for bringing that trauma again.

- What?! What are you talking about?

- I don't know, what are you talking about?

- I'm talking about this! This whole convention, this whole show you are putting out. When you said you were going to make things right… I thought you were going to train more or something like that, but this… You say it's about making a better future, but the way I see it… I-I don't know if this is you really overcompensating for what happened to the city or just your ego going out of control again.

- Sam, haven't you seen how rogue ghost have gone last month? They're showing up everywhere and causing more chaos than before. And is not just the city they attack, now it's the whole world, the bloody world is at stake.

- Yeah, but I don't get it, how is this going to help?

- Technus is planning something big to take over the world, he said it, he learned not to say what, but he wouldn't keep it a secret either. He's planning something big and I gotta do something bigger to stop it.

- And you are going to do that by throwing a party? Is that so? You're gonna save the world with a party bigger than… whatever he is planning?

- No… we are going to save the world after the party… or during the after-party, us together as a team, you'll see - said taking her by the hand and kissing her in the right chick and then kissing her thin lips. - Hey, I'm a super, remember? Saving people is what I do, and that's what I'm doing here, now would you trust me I won't let fame get over my head again and screw things up like the last time?

- I just don't know - Sam says prone -, this people, the way they stare at you, I-it's like you're part rock star, part L. Ron. With everything that's going on right now, they're scared and they're looking for some to gives them hope, to keep them safe and what you promise them is more than that, is… is just too much.

- Come on, what could possibly go wrong? Look, when I say I'll do something I'll do it - he said to his girlfriend when he saw her concern in her eyes, confident he was doing the right thing. - Besides, what other kind of compensating there is?

- …

- Trust me, there is nothing wrong.

- There is something wrong… - said one of the engineers from the NASA, that created the Phantom Prime Satellite walking into backstage.

Partying with Wolves.

Luxor Hotel. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Basement used as operation center.

August 26, 12:25 AM Local Time

- What do you mean with there is something wrong? - Danny asks to his PPS crew.

- In astronauts terms it means "Houston we got a problem." - replies one of them with derision.

- Problems, problems. Everything is problems with you. Do you guys ever call to see if we're ok? Just to say hi or check in? - replies Danny even more sarcastically. - You don't think Sam's had any influence on me, do you? - he asks Tucker who was part of the team that worked on the PPS.

- Well, you still wear that awful white and red t-shirt so I'd say no. - Danny glares at him. - But that's not the point here.

- Then what is it?

- This - said Damon Gray, Valerie's father and the man in charge of security, handing him a touch screen with footage from the base of the local hook that controls the Phantom Prime Satellite.

- What's… going on exactly? - asked Danny confused when looking at the video.

- That's what we want you to find out. The local hook was attacked by what seems to be two giant robotic ghost wolves with green flaming heads.

- How do you know they're ghost? - Danny inquires.

- 'Cause they couldn't get pass through the ghost shield - explained Damon. - But they did cause some damage to the rest of the facility. We believe it might be a gift from your friend Technus.

- Well, he's being laying low for the last month ever since the bomb, unlike most ghosts. Where are they now?

- We don't know. When the Guys in White came in shooting they just faded - explained Tucker. - They tried to trace them but it seems impossible.

- For a standard ghost hunter… and government ghost hunters - replied Danny. - Gas, you there? - he asked, spinning in his chair.

- I'm your ghost jumpsuit, what do you think? - G.A.S.P.E.R. answers in his head.

- That I shouldn't be able to talk to you when I'm human.

- Touché.

- I need you to trace down this ghost wolf-bots for me.

- Just that?

- Think you can do it?

- I don't think I can, sir. - Danny moans sadly when hearing those words - I know I can.

- Yes! I was sure you do.

While talking with G.A.S.P.E.R., everyone in the room stared at Danny confused, as it seemed that he was talking alone and everyone in there thought he was already crazy.

- Who is he talking to? - asks one of the engineers.

- His ghost suit - said Tucker.

- What? You mean that Tron suit he has now? - asked Mr. Gray.

- Yep. Apparently this new suit is some sort of high tech suit that talks to him in his head… though he might just gone crazy.

- Where did he-?

- Ok, let's get rolling - Danny says getting up his chair, cutting off Mr. Gray's words.

- Cool, I call shoot gun - Tuck says.

- No, you stay here with Val's dad in case they show up, huh, make sure to improve the defenses. Meantime I'll take the girls for a little road trip.

- Wait, so you get to be in your parents' RV stuck with four hot chicks and I get to be stuck with an old dude? How is that fair?! - he asked incensed as Damon glares at him.

- For the record one of them is my sister and the other is my clone. But if you insist, I'll set Val and Dani here to overwatch, you happy now?

- No.

- Oh bo-freaking-hoo - he claimed teleporting himself out.

01:14 AM Local Time

- Hey Jazz, Jazz wake up… - Danny whispered to his sister, shaking her shoulder while she sleeps in her bed.

- Hhhmmmmm… what do you want…? - she moaned half sleep.

- I need your help hunting robotic ghost wolves.

- Hmmm… Go do it your self… - she replied rolling in her bed. - That sound like something you can handle…

- I can't. I need help…

- …take mom and dad with you…

- Mom got lost in a casino and dad in a all-you-can-eat buffet.

- I'm not going with you. I'm sleeping…

- Sorry, too late - he said while driving the Fenton RV on the desert.

- What do you…? What the-?! - she utters finally getting out of her bed in the RV, noticing she had her day clothes on and not her pajamas instead. - What did you do?!

- I couldn't risk you saying no, so I overshadowed you in your sleep, I dressed you up and got you in here. Also I brought coffee, is in that thermos, don't confuse it with the Fenton Thermos - he said pointing to the two silver thermos in the table .

- Did you-? Have you completely forgotten the concept of privacy?

- No.

- He never knew it - pointed Sam, sitting arm crossed in the passenger seat.

- Right now… I hate you so much.

- I know you do - he replied with a smirk.

- What is this ghost wolf thing anyway? - she asked serving herself a cup of coffee.

- Robotic ghost wolves. A pair of them attacked the local PPS hook, and now we gotta find them.

- And how are we-?

- There has been some sighting of them near the residential areas - he says quickly.

- Then what are we doing in the desert?

- You are a heavy sleeper. We're heading back to the city. We just came here first to pick up some clues. We got "nada" by the way, so you don't have to feel bad for sleeping while worked.

- "We got nada"? Since when do you know spanish? - inquired his sister.

- And that's what happens when he actually pays attention to Spanish class - said Sam, complaining about Danny using Spanish words.

01:32 AM

A few minutes later Danny, Sam and Jazz arrive to the city.

- All right, something's coming across the police band. Some green flaming monsters that fit our perps' description just for that alone, were seeing around here no more than an hour ago - he said parking the Fenton RV behind an old dinner.

The scene almost seemed ripped off from a cheap horror movie with a dark alley, completely empty except for the sawed trash cans and garbage spread all over the floor.
- Our "perps"? - inquired Sam.

- Wait, you have a-He has a police scanner?! - asked Jazz.

- Look, I don't even ask questions anymore - Sam said.

- It's all waves, you know? So, who wants to go in first?

Jazz and Sam glare at him with their arm-crossed.

- Yeah, just what I thought - he said getting out of the RV. - For the record, if I turn into a werewolf or… a wirewolf or something, this is going to be on you.

- Just go! - yelled Sam.

Danny goes ghost and switches his goggles to night vision which makes them glow green, and starts scoping and scanning the ravaged area.

Traces of ghost activity were found all over the place, the scanners pointed out wolf footprints made with ectoplasm left by the, well… robot ghost wolves paws. The size of them were at least three times the size of an actual wolf paw as indicated by his suit in his lenses.

The trace led back to a subterranean parking lot two blocks behind the dinner. Danny followed the trace leading Jazz and Sam, the two of them equipped with a Specter Deflecter, a wrist laser and a Fenton Thermos.

- Watch out, many crappy movies have an scene like this, a very cliche moment were something bad happens in a spooky parking lot. Is right between the idiotic guy or girl who goes to the attic or basement during a blackout when they hear a noise, getting slashed, and the spooky alley scene with a street cat jumping out of a trash can. All them, a clear sing than someone will get slashed.

- Oh boy. We wouldn't want that. - Replied Sam sarcastically.

- Thanks Sam. You sarcasm is always appreciated - spouted Danny.

They scout the parking lot with the Fenton Flashlights, watching between and under every car.

Danny used his glowing logo as a lantern, by intensifying its white light.

The silence was incredibly obnoxious, and after five minutes they all wanted to leave.

- Danny, I want to get the hell out of here - replied Sam. - This is stupid.

- Stupid or scary? - he asks in a derisive way.

- Stupid.

- She's right. This is annoying… - agreed Jazz - and I want to sleep.

- Shhh… I think I heard something. I think… I think is a… chainsaw? I knew this was like one of those crappy movies! - Danny exclaim. In that moment his ghost sense goes off as his ghost scanners point the robotic ghost wolves location behind Sam and Jazz. - Get down, now! - he yells as they pounce on Sam and Jazz.

They turn around and duck the two robot ghost wolves that happened to have little chainsaws as tongues.

Danny quickly blast them out of the parking lot through the floor above.

- Quick. Follow me - he said flying out of the place.

- We'll walk, no need to offer a lift - said Sam peeved as well as Jazz.

In the outside, Danny fights them with his claws, blades and arm-swords

The robot ghost wolves withstand every blow with the attacks resulting in almost no harm and whatever damage they got it would quickly repair itself. Is then when he notices…

- Looks familiar to you? - asked Gas. - Yes. Organic technology, with a built in regenerative healing factor. This is definitely Technus doing.

The robot ghost wolves fight him like real wolves, growling at him, showing him their green flaming fangs and getting their claws out, biting and scrating him. One of them distracted him while the other attacks his weak points, biting his legs with their flaming fangs.

The bite doesn't cut or burn through the suit's TDA fabric but it was strong enough to break his ghost bones, which are in fact much harder than steel.

He punches the one that bit him in the snout and takes it by the tail to assault the other with it.

During the brief moment they get off each other, Danny's leg heals back in less than a second due to his suit's healing capabilities working along with his enhanced self-healing powers.

The robotic ghost wolves open their mouth and fire a powerful blue ghost ray at Danny, bringing him down to his knees.

- Damn it Gas, do something! - ordered in pain. - Hack these freaking robots or whatever you do.

- I can't hack them, I think their fire protects them, all I get is static… like two radio stations playing in the same frequency. I can't even get a scan. Maybe if we use the invisibility vision…

- Oh, screw it - said firing back a streaming white ghost ray on theirs, overcoming them but not without struggle.

- Now, that's much better - he said getting back on his feet as his wound and his suit heal. - Boy those things are strong, like… really strong.

- No need to tell me. Look at me, they scorched me. They didn't cause any real/serious damage, but those little burns… it took me three seconds to heal them back.

- Did you just say real "slash" serious damage?

"Third Threat Detected" read his lenses.

- What a third wolf? You kidding?! - Danny asks unsheathing his arm-swords from his vambraces one more time.

- Danny, right behind you! - yelled Jazz running out of the parking lot, attacking the third wolf with the Fenton Wrist Laser. - Now is time to fight fire with fire. If you make a pass on my brother, I'll make a pass on your brother - she said aiming at the third wolf with her thermos.

- Wait what?! - asked Danny confused.

Jazz pressed the red bottom on her thermos thinking it was a Fenton Thermos, but as it turns out to be, it was actually the coffee thermos.

- Damn it Jazz, you are wasting the good coffee! - blurted Danny.

While distracted, the third wolf jumps on him and bites his chin with its blade fangs leaving a small but deep cut.

- Hey, the only cuts I should have here are shaving cuts - says pounding the wolf with an energy strike and stabbing him with his push blade and swords.

The three wolves, quickly gather and fade away in a wisp of blue fire leaving no trace behind.

- Are you ok? What was that all about? - asked Sam.

- Yes. I'm a little sore… - said with his chin healing back - but I'm fine. And I have no idea what was that about - states going human.

- I think we should go back to the hotel - she points.

- Yeah, you are right, it's very late. Besides I'm getting tired because somebody here wouldn't let me sleep my eight hours - claims Jazz glaring at Danny.

- Damn that bastard - Danny growls jokingly.

- Sure… - says Jazz glaring at him - Also, someone needs to find mom before we lose our house. But this time I'm driving, you go way too fast - she says taking the car keys from her little brother.

Danny, Jazz and Sam get inside the RV ready to go back to the Luxor Hotel where the convention takes place, to rest their weary heads, not knowing that someone was skulking from above, watching their very movements. Standing just a few steps away from the reach of Danny's ghost sense and his suit's built in scanners, Skulker could skulk around him undetected, lurking as a lion who waits for the moment to jump on its pray, unseen by his invisibility, yet he didn't plan to remain that way for too long.

- Well done my pets. Field test number one of the Hellhounds Mark 0 was a complete success. Phase two is on the way… - Said Skulker with a big smile on the face of his new and improved lion armor while petting his new creations flaming hair, standing and lurking over a bright green neon sign with Danny's name on it. - And you, little ghost kid, are so predictable. So focused on the sound of you own voice… you can't hear the bells of hell ringing over your head.

Luxor Hotel

02:12 AM Local Time

Beaten from that brief encounter with Skulker's beasts, Danny needed to rest to heal away the phantom pain of his wounds, so he leaves his big sister drive them back to the hotel, with no argument…

- For god's sake, can you drive any slower? - complains Danny as they get close to the hotel.

Well, at least not until they get to the hotel.

- Excuse me, that is called driving under the speed limit.

- No, it's called driving like a granny on Sunday morning.

- You could have teleported yourself here, you know? - pointed Sam.

- Yeah, but then I would never hear the end of "why did you leave us alone? You drove us through the dessert in the middle of the night and then bail on us?", and I just don't wanna live for that - said with a very long blue wisp of breathe streaming out of his mouth. His ghost sense was going off and crazy. - Looks like I'll have to live for that after all. I'm going ghost!

Danny morphs into his ghost-self and teleports himself into the lobby leaving the girls behind.

- I hope you are happy now, you broke my little brother - said Jazz glowering at Sam.

- What? Why would I start now? And what do you mean I broke him?

- Like if you can't tell.

Danny Phantom Unlimited 15Edit

Autor's Note: This episode is rated PG 13 (I think is the right one, correct me if I'm worng) for there is quite more violence at the end and Danny's reaction...

Chapter 15

Sick Sad World, Part 2

See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

Hellhounds in many tales are vicious ghost dogs tasked with hunting and dragging souls to Hell. They are often of ill omen and many say that when you stare into a Hellhound's eyes or hear its howl, you are as dead. Much quite like in the myth, these mechanical monsters made with organic technology and actual ghost wolves hunted by Skulker himself, are tasked with the mission of hunting and dragging Danny to a hell of sorts.

These monsters are more machine than alive—though more dangerous for it, for now they are the ultimate hunting and killing machines. Their flesh, bone and even their organs are now replaced with the same regenerative metal and organic technology used in Skulker's armor with only their brains left so they would retain their feral and hunting instincts, only but wired up so Skulker can control them to make sure they would accomplish their one and only task, that which he hasn't been able to do by his own. But before claiming Danny's hide as his long overdue prize, he wanted a… more extensive field test and hunting the poor people in the Phantom Convention seemed the perfect test for his creations.

Manifesting themselves in black bursts of ghostly fire, a large pack of Hellhounds appeared out of nowhere and started breaking havoc, destroying everything and chasing everyone that felt within their sight. How did they pass through the Ghost Shield is unknown and astounding for Mr. Gray and Tucker since they used a gen-lock that would ensure Danny and Dani were the only ghosts capable of walking in the hotel and the convention. Luckily Dani and Valerie were set to overwatch in case somehow they get inside the convention, and even though they couldn't destroy them, they managed to put all the people in the lobby in a safe place. But the convention had the most people and that people is still in danger's way, and sadly they didn't have the numbers to keep them all safe.

Is then when Danny appears in the lobby using teleportation as well. He doesn't appear in a big flash of light or a burst of flames, no rings or mist announce him coming, he just simply appears out of nowhere floating in the middle of the chaos created by the Hellhounds, and this time he is ready to fight them, but… where were they?

He looks for them in the ravaged lobby but as far as he could see there was nothing, the place was empty even though his ghost sense and scanners would say otherwise which confused him, how could they be there if he didn't see them? For anyone else the answer is obvious but Danny, he wasn't always the greatest mind and for moments he forgets that he isn't the only one who can't be seen and of course he doesn't think they are hidden with their invisibility until it's too late.

Lurking in the light yet unseen they jump on Danny attacking from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is their game, haunting and attacking their pray while invisible.

They bite his legs and fore arms dragging him on the floor forcing him to generate a green repulsion field to break free.

Now he knows they are invisible, that they are playing with him and he is fine with it, he is used to play this kind of games all the time but Danny has had a lifetime of playing by other people's rules, now it is time to play by his rules. If they would fight invisible, so would he, only but with another advantage.

- Gas, turn on the thermal vision - orders to his suit's operative system.

With his goggles set in infrared, he would now see the Hellhounds by their intense heat while hiding with his invisibility as well. Also aided with his suit's built in radar which would also give him a 360 degrees image of his surroundings "printed" straight into his brain, he manages "see" one of them jumping from behind in time to dodge and smite it with a streaming green ghost ray causing it severe damage, however it quickly heal from it.

As far he could see there are only three Hellhounds in the lobby, apparently the same three he fought earlier in the parking lot.

- Looks like you guys can still see me - points Danny. Nothing further from the truth.

Whereas the Hellhounds couldn't see him since they didn't have the eyes for it, being in a manner of speaking "blind", they had their wolves' greatest quality which would totally compensate for their blindness, their senses of smell and hearing which are even stronger now due to their mechanical implants.

With their hearing they follow his heartbeat, footsteps and breathing, even more, it is now so accurate it almost works as a bat's echo-location almost getting an image of him. And with their enhanced smell they take even more advantage of the main and only weakness of any form of camouflage, the odor. With all their enhancements they are on pair with Danny and his upgrades and the fact that any of them remained invisible was pretty much pointless as they could see each other one way or another, but they are all stubborn and so they would keep playing that way until the other cannot.

Danny didn't know about their capabilities and his suit couldn't tell him about them or their weak points since Skulker made them scanner-proof, but he didn't care, all he needed to know is where they're standing so he can punch them hard.

Two of them walk around him, standing one on each side, ready to jump on him from right and left. They bustle to seize him only to get stabbed in the chest by his arm-swords reacting and unsheathing them the second they jump. His reaction and movement speed was increased to such extent he elongates his swords so fast they wouldn't even have time to react and before they could heal back he fires a white ghost ray at blank point that would cause them even more damage, enough for him to suck them with his "Fenton Thermos" Gauntlet, a small wrist cannon built in his forearm plating that worked just the same only but with more capacity due to the suit's flat space technology.

Now there was only one Hellhound left in front of him, but as much as it fights it opposed no challenge to him.

Jumping and swinging over the Hellhound he gashes its back and quickly avoid its fangs jumping around it as he delivers every blow of his swords. The design of his arm-swords parallel to his forearms was for them to work specifically along with his supernatural agility lending to it, allowing him to attack his opponents the way he does now, striking fast and hard while jumping swiftly and graceful, becoming untouchable.

This was a whole new fighting style for him, one he has been developing for the last month becoming quite dexterous with, and he was easily overcoming the Hellhound with it. But the Hellhound had a few tricks of his own as well, such as the machine guns built on its shoulders.

A barrage of bullets strike his chest but thanks to his suit's state-of-the-art ballistic protection he manages to withstand and cope with the attack. Never he is more grateful for this suit than when he gets caught by attacks that would otherwise cause him great pain or injuries. This sleek glowing suit, made of a titanium nano-fiber fabric blended with a rare alloy of regenerative metals and laced with malleable diamond-hard liquid crystals, functions both tactical and diagnostic, monitoring vitals and providing protection against that which Danny doesn't naturally has for, namely attacks such as this. An attack that took him by surprise, surprised but never unprepared... never again.

Knowing that Skulker was armed with weapons like these, he devised several strategies to fight him and his machine guns, and this was the perfect moment to put them to test. His favorite plan so far was an old reliable he was glad to haven't overused in the past, his flashing Ghost Light.

Flying around the Hellhound he generates an intense light that totally blinds it and affects all of its systems. Now with his new found superior speed and his arm-swords he cuts it in half before the optic systems can adapt to the light and become aware of the situation. Not even with its further enhanced senses to cope with the lack of sight the Hellhound could react to the attack getting slain and trapped in Danny's thermos.

- AAAAHHHH… My business is done! - Danny states turning visible again, but his ghost sense tells him otherwise.

Manifesting themselves in bursts of black fire another pack, this time of seven Hellhounds, jumps on Danny who instinctively turns intangible. The Hellhounds growled and glared at him with their big red glowing eyes.

- Seven, eh? That's good - said unsheathing his arm-swords once again with his guillotine and energy push blades as well. - But I got four ace of spades on each hand… So I got the edge here.

- …Sir that was a terrible, terrible joke - points Gas.

- Hey, if you got another snappy joke, I'm all hears.

The Hellhound in the middle who seemed to be head of this pack attacks him first getting struck in the head and blasted into oblivion by a blue ghost ray from Danny's right fist. This attack was an statement that he wouldn't hold back and wasn't in the mood to play around anymore.

- ALL RIGHT! Who's next?! - he roars popping out his claws and mechanical spider legs, with his eyes blazing green almost sparkling power through the slanted lenses of his goggles.

His mask designed to work making facial changes according to his emotions and expression made emphasis on all the rage he had, by slanting the usually round bug-like lenses, giving him a more frightening and even devilish look to his face almost frightening Sam and Jazz who just entered the lobby, and even a few of the Hellhounds.

But all the same, afraid or not they jump on him, hustling to their deaths.

With his arm-swords, claws, guillotines and energy push blades, he skewers two of them through their mouths, destroying their chainsaws tongues and blasting them from the inside out. The ectoplasm felt around him like rain. Warned by his suit's sensors turns around and cuts in half a Hellhound jumping from behind and atomizes both halves with another streaming blue ghost ray fired with cupped hands blowing part of the ceiling. He soon turns around to the three Hellhounds that remain and pounces them, butchering them in a savage manner spreading their ectoplasm and inner parts all over the place.

In a matter of seconds Danny destroyed the killing machines meant to kill him leaving Jazz and Sam flabbergasted.

- Danny that… wow… I-I… I don't know what to say… - uttered Sam in shock by such display of brutality from him.

- Well that would be the first time - he blurts -. But don't worry, I have that effect on women.

- What were they doing here? - Jazz asked.

- Most important is how did they get in here - points -. Either way, I don't know, but I'm sure they came here for the convention. - is then when he remember… the guests of his convention! This fight was a diversion, and he realizes this just now - We gotta go there, now!

Wasting no time, he snaps his fingers teleporting himself and the girls to the convention which was being attack by hundreds of Hellhounds, all of them invisible. But there is one thing they can see… blood, human blood spread all over the place.

- What the hell…? - they ask in awe seeing the destruction caused by the Hellhounds without actually seen them.

Everything was a complete chaos, all the inventions brought for the convention were shattered to pieces, and even worst, there was blood everywhere and where there is blood there is dead people, people they didn't have to look hard for as the Hellhounds left their mutilated bodies exposed so Danny could see them.

- Oh my god! - utter Jazz and Sam in awe before such a hideous act.

- Sir…

- Change the spectrum vision. - Ordered Danny to his suit before it could try to comfort him.

- Pardon me?

- I want to see them… I want to see these monsters in their eyes when I tear them apart piece by piece… molecule by molecule. If there is anything in them that can feel anything at all… I want to see it when they feel pain and fear by my hand! - Yelled Danny with his fist smoldering and his eyes blazing and sparkling green ghost energy through his lenses.

- Danny, what…? - mumbles Sam.

Obeying its wearer's command, G.A.S.P.E.R. switches again to infrared which allowed Danny to see the Hellhounds.

Now that Danny could see them all over the place, breaking havoc he was ready to stop them from hurting and killing more people no matter what.

Danny Phantom Unlimited 16Edit

Rated PG-13
: This episode contains moderate mild violence. Not suitable for kids.

Chapter 16

Sick Sad World, Part 3

Hell's Bells

With his goggles set in infrared vision, Danny eyes and jumps on a Hellhound threatening with eating a little girl's face, vaporizing it with a blue energy strike from behind. With his fist smoking blue ghost energy Danny asks the little girl if she was hurt and asks her about her parents who appear in that moment and thank him for saving their daughter. It was a small victory in a long list of failure that surrounded him.

In that moment Valerie, Dani and Tucker arrive at the scene. Tucker came in Valerie's board, holding tight from her waist.

- Guys… what happened here? - Danny asked angrily, sullen and confused.

- Long story - said Tucker jumping in front of him.

- Then cut to the chase - said harshly unsheathing his claws and blades to slash a Hellhound that bustles at Tucker from behind, slicing it in three.

The ectoplasm streaming from the cyborg when he cut it, fell as rain over them and mixed with the blood on the floor. Quickly Danny begins to stab and butcher the remains of the Hellhound, ruining it beyond repair, and every time he pounded the mechanical beast, it would cry and whimper as a real animal helpless and begging for mercy, but damn its luck for Danny has run out of mercy.

- Like this… - he says showing up his blades dripping ectoplasm with a minacious look in his eyes frightening his long-life friend who has never seen him this way before. So much rage there is in Danny, that Tucker could see it in his eyes through his mask.

What he couldn't see was the Hellhounds, so couldn't the rest of the team, and for them it seemed that Danny was cutting the air whenever he slashed them until the ectoplasm gushed all over the place, and for this he was grateful because what he was about to do to them was something he didn't want them to see...

As he fights the Hellhounds and helps as many people as possible, Tucker, Valerie and Danielle explain him, Sam and Jazz how the Hellhounds and Skulker appeared out of nowhere and started to destroy everything and attacking people. They told them about their little success at stopping them since most of them were invisible and even if they got to hurt them they would heal back in seconds.

- So it was Skulker? He is behind this… things?- asked Jazz.

- That's explains the flaming skulls - points Danny freezing one of them with a sub-zero cold energy ray. - Tell me, is there anywhere they haven't got yet?

- I don't know. The sphinx's head? - Tucker replies sarcastically.

- I've been to head of the sphinx, you'll love the view there.

- Wait what? - asked Valerie.

Snapping his fingers Danny teleports all of the humans and his team to the only safe place he knew in the vicinity, the head of the sphinx of the Luxor Hotel, staying behind to fight the Hellhounds with no distraction.

Now alone in what's left of the convention, Danny could fight the Hellhounds without having to worry for anyone getting hurt during the fight, and most important without seeing the fight.

Being the only one who can actually see the Hellhounds, Danny seized every single one of them and slash them as fast and savagely as he could taking all of his rage on them. This time in this fight, he wasn't a hero fighting for the future anymore, his wrath had torn him into something else, something wicked, dark, something malevolent...

The form he mauled them was so savage, so terrifying that some Hellhounds wouldn't even fight him anymore, they were afraid. Instead they would just back down in sign of surrender, but he didn't care, he onslaught them anyway, even worst at some point it seemed he was enjoying it...

Oh God... He was definitely enjoying every second of it, cutting them in half, tearing them apart limb by limb with his hands and claws, to hear their mournful cry and whimpering as he slashes them, to see the fear reflected in their big red eyes just as he wanted… At this point he should be scared of it, of his doing but he wasn't, instead he was elated, he wanted more and the Hellhounds sensed that, so they fought harder and attacked with even more depsperate than ever in their lives and for what?! So a frog in a blender with a superiority complex could have Danny's hide?

What was the point of all this? What was Skulker expecting to come of all this quarrel?

Unelss… he knew nothing good was come of all this.

2:45 AM Local Time.

Now stranded on the top of the sphinx Valerie yells Tucker:

- You had to tell him this was the only safe place?! You couldn't tell him about the basement, didn't ya?! No, you had to go with the sphinx's head!

- How would I know he would zap us all up here?

- You are a--

Valerie gets cut off by her wrist's phone beeping. It was a call from her father who was worried sick about her since she hasn't contacted him in almost an hour.

- Hello? - she asks.

- Valerie! Oh thank God you are ok - says her father on the other side. - I was so worried about you...

- Dad! Oh my god, I was so busy with those things I-I'm so sorry and so glad you are ok.

- So am I, sweetie. I love to hear your voice... Eh, you don't happen to have Tucker around, don't you?

- Actually I do - says strangling him with her left hand.

- Great, I need him on speaker.

By her father's request Valerie lets go of Tucker so they could try to understand how did the Hellhounds pass through the gen-locked ghost shield.

- I still don't get it. How could they pass breach our security systems? - asked Damon frustrated. - We have level seven ghost shields all around the convention, and in every entryway, the most powerful kind of ghost shields ever! I designed them myself with the Fentons, we even used some of Master's technology left in Axion Labs. Not even Danny can touch them let alone pass through them without bursting into flames, not without the genetic lock coded to his DNA anyway.

- Wait, what did you say? - asked Sam.

- The genetic lock, you know, you were there. It works as a barcode scanner so only Danny can pass through the shield. If a ghost doesn't have his genetic code, it can't pass though them, which means only he and Dani should be able to walk in the hotel and the convention - explains Tucker -. It was a great idea. I can't see how it failed either.

- Wait a minute, that's it! That's how they got in. They replicated his DNA - said Sam taking Valerie's arm to use her armor's built in phone.

- Hey! Be careful - she blurts. - I only got two of them.

- What? How do you figure? - asked Damon.

- In our first encounter with those robot wolves, they left after they bit his face, after they made him bleed. I'm guessing they took a blood sample from him to replicate his DNA pattern.

- But they're robots. Robots don't have DNA - points Damon.

- Unless they're made with organic technology - points Tucker. - Remember what Danny said about Skulker, that he had an armor made with organic technology? - asked Tucker to his teammates - Maybe he used that same technology on them. And if that's the case in theory he should be able to replicate his genetic structure in theirs.

- Well, they don't look like Danny - points Valerie.

- I'm kinda lost here, kids - claims Damon.

- They don't have to. Only their DNA has to look like his enough to fool the computers.

- Ok… I'm willing to believe that anything you said actually makes sense - states Valerie 
- Me too. -Says her father.
- How could he possibly know that? Only those in charge of the security know about this.

- Maybe there is a mole in our midst - points Dani.

- Wait, if those things have his DNA, that means--the local hook! - yells Jazz. - That's what he attacked first, but they couldn't pass through the shields, but now he can. Maybe this is all a decoy like the last time. Val, Dani you gotta go there now!

- What about about Danny?
- Let him handle this himself, he is a grown man. I'm sure this is nothing for him...
- We're on our way - said Valerie jumping off the sphinx summoning her board flying away with Dani.

- Oh way to go, now we are stucked in a giant cat's head 200 feet over the ground! - yelled Sam with everyone in the sphinx glaring at Jazz.

- …the ground is overrated - she states with her arms crossed avoiding their eyes.

Danny Phantom Unilimited 17Edit

Chapter 17

Sick Sad World, Part 4


Alone in the remains of his convention Danny fights the Hellhounds, driven by anger seeking vengeance for all of the people they killed.

His mask rather than hiding the fury in his eyes, would mark it emphatically by slanting the usually circular bug eye-like lenses of his goggles which are made to reflect his emotions and facial expressions.

All this rage made his already fluxing ghost powers even more unstable, to the point where his ghost energy would manifest through his eyes in the form of small green lightning bolts that his mask could not contain. This would be a matter of concern to his suit's operative system G.A.S.P.E.R. as this is not supposed to be.

So is the increasing flow of energy that it reaches over a 30 percent of his full potential over the recommended 20, this with the suit's suppressors working at peak capacity. How could this be was something that escaped G.A.S.P.E.R.'s comprehension and trying to calm him down was something futile as any warning word would fall on deaf ears. Right now the only thing he cared about was to obliterate the Hellhounds and with all this wrath he literally had enough fire power to vaporize them with a single shot. With his arm swords, claws and blades he would slash them to shreds when getting too close, and with his mechanical spider legs he would impale and sever them when jumping from behind or trying to escape…

Foolish of them to try for there was simply no escape from his rage… and believe me when I say he has never had this much rage inside… never…

And all the while, Skulker was watching the fight hiding in a safe place where he studies and learns all of Danny's new movements and tricks. This was part of his plan all along, to let Danny fight them first so he could watch and learn all the new tricks his beloved prey had now, so the next time they fight he would be the one with the edge.

03:04 AM Local Time.
Local hook base.

Flying at top speed, Dani the young female clone of Danny, and Valerie his could-have-been (ex)girlfriend arrive at the local hook of the Phantom Prime Satellite. This satellite was so advanced that just like the Cybertron Computer, it needs a ground-based hook to be used. This hook was located in the desert of Nevada for reasons Mr. M wouldn't explain, mostly because Danny didn't really care but also because, in Danny's words "the "M" stands for mystery, so why would he?" Thus he would keep the reason for himself, but all of that is besides the point, what is the point? Valerie and Dani are the point!

As we speak they float into the base realizing their arrival is belated, the Hellhounds had arrived first and ravished the area, the entryways were blood pools, limbs were spread all over the place, bodies torn open, hacked in half, their insides missing and the Hellhounds… 
- Oh God... - they both utter in a faint voice for it was even worst than what they first thought, the Hellhounds were feasting on the men tasked with watching the hook, the picture was simply… unspeakable.

Staring in awe to these foul creatures they realize there was nothing they could do now, except raging against those killing machines for killing the G.I.W. agents guarding the hook as well as for all the people they killed at the convention, but doing that was a… rathher demanding task at the best for they quickly turn invisible as soon as they start shooting.

Quickly, Dani flies away through the ceiling followed by Valerie blasting a whole with her cannon cubes.

- You son of a bitch! Are you bailing on me?! - she asks with her flying board at top speed, reaching Dani in seconds.

- What?! No! - Dani replies - It was a tactical retreat.

- You left me behind! You couldn't take me with you, could you?

- Fly away with you hanging from me? I thought Danny was the only one you hung up from.

- Shut up! - yells Val thinking... if she blushes, would her red face visor hide it?

They both halt up in the sky, away from the Hellhounds to plan their next movement.

- Ok, what are we gonna do now? - asks Dani. - We can't fight wath we can't see.

- Well unfortunately for you I have devised a plan to get rid of them, or at least a small number like this pack.

- What? Wait, why is it unfortunate for me? - young Dani asks getting nothing but a sly grin from Valerie. - Oh, this is not gonna end well for me, is it?

03:16 AM

The Hellhounds prowl the halls of the facility looking for Dani and Valerie. Their cybernetically enhanced sense of smell and hearing as well as their sensors tell them that their preys are gone. They all share the results of their scouting with each other through their hive mind, a shared collective consciousness between them, that rather than an actual telepathic connection is a  constant transmission of most if not all of their brain waves to each other's mind through certain subsonic frequencies, therefore what one of them sees the whole pack sees it too.

That's why when one of them stops licking its new metallic junk in the presence of Dani when she returns to the base, all of the Hellhounds in the facility sees her as well, and appear around her in their trademarked black burst.

- Val… is it too late change places with you? - she asks through her Fenton Headphones.

- Yes. - answers Valerine on the other side of the line, talking trhough her wrist communicator.

- Is this because I made fun of you and your really not so secret crush on Danny? Because I'm sorry… I mean I really am…

- Now, don't be silly, would I put you in that position just because of that? No, this is all tactical.

- Wait, so this because I left you behind? - she asks stepping away from the Hellhounds

- We'll have time to talk about that later. Now are you in position?

- Position? You mean if I'm flying away from them phassing through every wall seeing a new corpse at every turn? Yeah, I am - Dani says flying with the Hellhounds bustling behind her ghost tail.

- Fine, just keep it that way. Keep stalling as much as possible and try to find anyone alive in the process.

- How is this tactical again? - asks Dani.

- Simple: you distract them working as bait while I--

In that moment the signal cuts off and Valerie knew this could mean only one out of two possibilities, either there is no reception or Dani just got caught, meaning she was soon to die if not dead already.

Danny Phantom Unlimited 18Edit

Chapter 18

Sick Sad World, Part 5 of 5

Midnight Bells.

03:16 AM

Luxor Hotel… what's left of it anyway.

Inside of what's left of one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world, Danny still fights relentless against a horde of Hellhounds using every power and trick he has.

With each strike the number of Hellhounds diminishes unlike Danny's rage as he can't stop thinking of all the people who died in his convention, but at least he could find comfort in destroying the monsters responsible for their deaths, at least he had the little satisfaction of giving them back what they gave him, nothing but death. But this little pleasure would not last for long for he soon realizes that a new Hellhound would grow from the remains of those he shreds.

- Ok, I feel like I'm living a crappy movie right now - said Danny when he saw the severed Hellhounds duplicate themselves from their carcasses, like a worm growing a second head when cut in half. - Gasper, put some sense into this.

- It would appears that by each one you kill, two will rise up - answers the operative system with a new found British accent.

- Thanks! Because I haven't step upon that yet! - States angrily as he eviscerates one of them when trying to seize him. - Did you just change your neutral accent to a British accent?

- Yes sir. Part of the upgrades I'm downloading, a little flaw they forgot to fix before, you don't like it?

- How would a British guy put it? It's obnoxious. That's the British thing to say, right?

- ...Yes, sir.

- Skulker you better show your coward face and put some sense into this madness because it's clear my dumb butler suit won't tell me anything useful!

- That actually hurt - said Gasper.

- Then be more useful.

- What do you think, ghost kid? Impressive, aren't they? I made these Hellhounds myself with the one task to haunt you to death. - Says Skulker from his hideout through his Hellhounds' speakers as they continue on their attack. - Now, they might not seem too much to you as you have slain them all and I can't promise they'll fight any harder than this, but this I can promise, for every one of them that falls, two shall arise and take its place… and it will be only a matter of time before you reach your limit.

In that moment he teleports himself in a green burst of flames floating behind Danny.

- Hellhounds, eh? So that's how you call this things? That's actually a cool sounding name - he admitted smashing the head of a Hellhound against the floor and vaporizing it with a blue energy enhanced strike. - Too bad it takes more than that to stop me from tearing them apart molecule by molecule! Oh god I've become my father - he says to himself.

- Oh please! There is nothing you can do now - Skulker laughed. - Your whole convention is haunted by them, everyone in here is in danger and you know you can't stop them all. Give up now, and maybe then I would consider to spare their lives.

- Say WHAT?! - Yells unleashing a purple energy wave from his arm-swords aimed at him and his Hellhounds, reaching a forty percent of his energy flow and flaming up his hair for a brief moment.

The attack destroys twenty-six Hellhounds as indicated by his suit's threat counter, whereas Skulker was able to dodge it, though barely seeing the attack.

- Say that again?! I dare you! I double dare! - shouts at Skulker sheathing his claws and arm-swords and pointing at him with his Gaitling Gauntlets. After all that happened, after all the evil they've done, the idea of giving up, even to suggest such thing was enough to stoke his wrath even more, since that has never been an option, specially not after everything these Hellhounds and Skulker did.

No, Danny was a fighter, a born warrior, a hero and as such he will never give up, and specially not with live in the line.

- Someone here is a bit hot-headed and is not me - Skulker jokes. - You think you still have what it takes to get at me? To be meaner than me? Maybe we should put that to test.

Snapping his fingers Skulker summons a new pack of sixty Hellhounds as indicated by the suit's threat counter, reaching a number of three-hundred thirty-three, but all this means nothing for Danny.

He didn't step back, instead he kept slashing the Hellhounds with his razor sharp TDA claws, and smiting them with his blue ghost rays fired from his Gaitling Gauntlets blowing their heads clean off with each shot, spreading their wired brains all over the floor and the walls. He attacked with no fear or hesitation in his mind, only rage. The Hellhounds fight him hard biting and scratching with their flaming blade-fangs and claws, firing their machine guns and plasma cannons and using the same prediction program Skulker used in his last encouter with Danny, foreseeing all of his known movements and attacks. But Danny fights them harder with his own claws, fists and ghost rays. He fights them with a skill and experience these beasts didn't possess, using tactics and movements he hasn't shown until now, thus mocking their program and getting the best of them.

The way he jumped gracefully upon their heads and swinged around them, so fast that he was nothing but a black and white blur even to their cybernetic eyes, making use of his arm-swords and spider legs to bisect them as he swiftly dodges every bullet, bite and ghost rays, blowing their head with his own ghost rays... it was like fighting a whole new Danny. It was a show like no other, but how could he fight with such ability while posseessed by such anger? His suit was the only one who could answer as it could read Danny's brain waves while he fights seeing how his brain works, and it was in a single word astonishing.

Even with his mind lost in a berserker rage, regressed to wild state thus becoming more feral than the very beasts he slaughtered, he still retained his particular combat skills which he has developed for years by fighting all kinds of ghostly monsters, and was capable of complex strategic decisions within a reduced time frame. It was as if his thinking and his instinct were one and the same. Not even the suit's tactical analysis program was able to process the situation and cope at the same rate his brain does. Such is his determination to grow that he reached a whole new limit for his abilities. He was now in the next level.

03:18 AM

Local Hook of the PPS.

Meanwhile, in the local hook of the Phantom Prime Satelite, Valerie tries to contact Dani who wouldn't answer her calls. This lack of response from Dani was either because she lost her way to communicate with her or because she had died, and if it was the later it would be all her fault since it was her plan which got Dani in front of the Hellhounds.

The plan was very simple, given that Danielle is the only one of them who can fly through walls she was the only one who could run from the Hellhounds inside the base evading any obstacle at the same time she looks for any survivor left in any room, stalling time as she goes down the basement to make her part.

- Dani? Dani pick up! Answer to me! - Valerie yells on her wrist gauntlet. - God-freaking-dam it! I'm not picking your signal with this thing either. There must be something blocking it out - says using her wrist's ghost tracker. - This is bad, this is really bad… - Valerie says worried she might have gotten Dani killed. - I gotta go look for her.

During the last two years Dani and Valerie had been members of the Team Phantom, they had developed a unique sisterly-lke bond, a strong and close friendship that is downright Valerie's most important relationship second to hers with Danny. It is because of this that she would often, if not always, look after her. And for this very same reason she would never forgive herself if Dani gets hurt because of her.

Summoning her hovering board, she flies upstairs at full pelt and starts looking out for her in every room. Soon she finds herself flying through the hallways following a long wake of ectoplasm spread all over the floor. Seeing how dangerous these beasts are, she assumes the worst and follows the path, ending on a closed door with ectoplasm all over it and what seemed to be ghost organs.

- Please don't... - mumbles leaning onto the door.

And while she wishes to be wrong about her guess just as she always is in her multiple choice tests...

Inside what's left of the short lived convention that celebrated the beginning of a new age, Danny still fights the Hellhounds having the advantage during most of the combat.

What Skulker's eyes could barely see was borderline… incredible. Never has Danny displayed such prowess like this, smiting so fast and with such strength, but then again he has never been pushed up to this limit.

Yet, even though his performance was uncanny, he was soon to see Skulker's prediction come true because just like he said for each Hellhound he destroyed two would rise up, and after all the Hellhounds he shredded there were just too many of them for him to fight no matter how hard he tried, and soon he finds himself overwhelmed by them.

- Maybe you should use only your ghost rays - suggests G.A.S.P.E.R. - It looks like they only grow back from the remains of their bodies. The one you leave when you cut them in half.

- Is that accent meant to keep me mad? 'Cause it's working.

- Besides the point... even though your fighting skills have reached a whole new level with all that training you've had the last month, you still should listen to the computer in your head when it says that tearing them apart molecule by molecule with your plasma rays is better than doing it limb by limb with your claws.

Doing as his suits suggests, Danny fires another blue ghost rays disintegrating a Hellhound and this time with no other Hellhound taking their place.

- Why you didn't mention this before?! - asks blasting three Hellhounds with a streaming blue plasma ray.

- I thought it was too freaking obvious! - Gas replies affected by Danny's mood. - Oh. I'm sorry your bad mood is affecting my good manners.

- Ready to give up now, ghost kid?

- No! - he yelled emphatically. - I won't give up and I won't get quitter, NEVER!

Calling for a massive amount of ghost energy, he fires a large streaming blue ghost ghost ray with cupped hands disintegrating every Hellhound he had in front of him, at least over a dozen according to his threat counter, but while doing so three of them seize him from behind and take him down.

- I can't believe after your failure trying to save your city, you still think you can save the whole world! - Skulker laughs.

- Enough! - Shouts Danny striving to break free of the Hellhounds that held him down, generating a white repulsion field to vaporize them. - Now listen you fucker! I have taken about enough grief by that bomb shit you and your friends caused in more ways that I'm willing to let people know about, but if you think I'm gonna sit down and cry for that, then you are hauling that bag on the wrong place - he yells at Skulker while cutting the Hellhounds with his energy push-blades, this time blue atomizing them with a single cut. - It's true I might not be strong enough to save the world, but it won't stop me from trying and doing my best every time people needs me whether if it's just my city or the entire world. So if you think you can bust in kicking around, well think it twice, because I'm the one who does that kicking around here!

- Is that so? Tell me, what would you do to save it if can't even save yourself right now? For all your power as big and unlimited as it is, it's uncontrollable which means is as good as nothing - states grinning at him.

- …you are right on that… I have lost full control of my powers. But know this: even if I fail again to save my city-my world… you can rest assure knowing I won't until I've avenged it - he states firmly with his eyes sparkling again and his fist smoldering in blue energy.

His words were a statement, a declaration that he was willing and ready to fight the upcoming war storming upon them, that he was willing to fight til the bitter no matter what comes in the future, even after defeat… even after death.

But all his bravery meant too little to Skulker, instead he seemed sure victory was for him tonight.

- Well, unless you got some new tricks you haven't used yet you better start planning your revenge, 'cuz you ain't saving anyone today. In fact you ain't saving anyone at all…

- As a matter of fact… I do… - he replies coldly, calling for all of his cold energy with his eyes glowing an intense blue and smoldering as well. And in a fact he had more tricks than Skulker could think of.

03:26 AM

Local Hook.

Valerie reaches her hand onto the door ready to open it but, whether she was ready for what was behind is something else…

- Oh God, please don't be… please don't be…

Afraid of what she might find on the other side, she opens the door to find Dani covered in ectoplasm fighting the Hellhounds with all she's got stepping on the body of a dead Hellhound. The hole place was covered in snow which gave away the position of the Hellhounds due to the flames in their paws. The snowflakes in the air made their fire flicker as they fell on them.

- All right poozers, who's next?! - she asks smashing its brain with her feet.

- Dani. You are alive! And… you killed one of those things on your own - she blurts in surprise.

The Hellhounds turn visible and turn their heads to see her with their big red eyes.

- Oh yeah! I'm more alive than EVER before! - she yells with a rush of adrenaline like she's never had before, running through her ghost veins.

Now with Valerie in the room, three of them bustle at her trying to seize her, but as soon as they jump they get blasted by a purple ghost ray from Valerie's wrist and cube cannons. The attack was only strong enough to keep them at bay.

- Wow. I can't believe it. You really killed one of those things bare handed? - asked Valerie in still shock as the Hellhound slowly move around the snow.

- Yep. They happen to be quite easy to kill when you know where they are.

- Hence the snow… why wouldn't you use it before?

- I barely got this powers like for two weeks from all that training I had with Danny. I'm still not good at it. I wasn't sure if I'd made a snowfall or a wind chill. - Dani explains dodging two of them jumping at her face - Also they seem to be kinds slow when in cold. I think it shocks their systems - states blasting three of them with a withe ghost ray.

- I still don't get why I can't pick them up with my tracker.

- Maybe it needs an upgrade. You know, like Tucker's PDA -. Dani points.

Valerie glares at her peeved seconds before the Hellhounds using their invisibility,

Quickly Valerie summons her blue ghost shield to keep them away from her.

- Dani you might wanna get out of here like… two minutes. - States firing her ecto-energy darts at will hitting at least four of them as shown by their bleeding.

- What? Why?

- You know my part of the plan?

- No.

- It's a bomb and it's about to blow this whole dam place sky high

- WHAT? That was your plan all along?! - she asks floating over her ghost shield to yell at Valerie's ear - Willie Coyote in here?! With us inside?!

- First of all it's Willie E. Coyote, and we were supposed to be out of here by now.

- Ok why?

- Because… we don't wanna die here? And because they're too many for us to fight.

- What are you talking about I just killed one of them.

Is in moments like this when she remembers that she is not a little girl, that she is a born fighter just as Danny, and like him there is no evil she won't fight against. .

- Look I'm glad to see you still got the touch, but I know better and the one you killed it's getting back on its paws - says pointing at the Hellhound Dani had killed. - Besides we don't know if there are more of them in here. Trust me, it's better this way.

- Ok how much time do we have left?

- About one minute and a half. More than enough to leave.

- I don't think so - says Dani with a long wisp of blue breathe coming out of her mouth.

- Please tell me that's just the cold that makes your breathe visible - asks Valerie.

- Fine. It is the cold. - She says staring at the myriad of Hellhounds that appeared in the room in bursts of black fire, completely surrounding them. - So what were you saying about blowing up this place?

03:28 AM

Flotaing before Danny, Skulker gloats on his face, claiming to be victorious, saying he now knows all of his tricks and bragging about his invincible ever-growing Hellhound army, thinking there was nothing Danny could do against them. But you'll see, for the last month Danny has grieved his mistake and how his arrogance cost the lives of so many, but this time he wouldn't let a mistake hold him down nor he would sit and cry for that as he has done in the past every time he failed. Instead every time he thought about it he would think of new ways to fight his enemies' new powers, how to counter them as well as any possible new power they might come up with using his new powers and weapons, and the truth is there was not a single day he didn't think about it… So for the last month he has spent every day, every thinking moment developing new plans and tactics to fight Skulker and all his enemies in order to set things right, to atone for his failure and avenge those who died on his watch and now had the perfect chance to test the one he devised specifically for Skulker.

Harnessing all of his cold energy, his arms began to numb just moments before they turn into ice. With his arms now frozen he fires an intense cold energy blast on the ground and freezes the whole place unleashing an all-consuming blizzard trapping the Hellhounds in ice cold enough to freeze the core of a nuclear reactor just as he did weeks before this.*Story for another day.

- Wow!… Impressive, that sleek and neat neon suit of yours sure gave you some super juice! - Skulker said shaking the snow and icicles of his lion armor.

- Oh, that's not the suit. That's all me - he states coldly.

- Oh right, if you want this to be a cold war… bring it on! Give me all you have, let's see if you can still hurt people like the last time - says pulling out his machine guns.

- Oh, I can still hurt people, difference is I got to choose who do I hurt now.

With all of the Hellhounds now trapped in ice way too cold for them to melt, he was ready to show the real trick. While freezing the whole place he poured his ghost energy within the cold energy essentially turning the whole place into an snow-mineland, and all he needed now was another ghost to step on it.

Teleporting behind Skulker a second before he started shooting he smites him with a full-blown attack, a streaming white ghost ray fired from his eyes and fists.

Skulker falls on the snow and just like with a real mine it explodes blowing up the whole place while Danny teleports himself away from the explosion. The convention explodes at 03;30 AM just at the same time as the local hook.

- Well I guess this is as far as the convention goes… - sighs Danny with his head down, regretting the horrible end of his convention and yet he knew the worst part was still to come. - Gasper, how many of this damn Hellhound are left? - asked Danny floating toward the sphinx where he sent his friends.

- The scanner shows there are no Hellhounds left, sir. Most of them were destroyed in the explosion, the others that prowled in the hotel were… neutralized by your parents apparently, for what I can see from the hotel's security cameras.

- Uuuhhmm… I was wondering what were they doing all this time. Good they know how to take care of themselves.

With Skulker finally gone, Danny and his team with help from his parents scouted the hotel in order to be completely sure there were no Hellhounds left. The next day Danny was forced to give a press conference regarding the events that happened in his convention.

Nothing that night played as he wanted, and at the end it caused more damage than good. People died at his convention, and there was nothing he could say or do to fix that. The only thing left to say was certaintly not the speech he wanted.

Walking toward the stage, his hands began to shake.

- Getting a little stage fright - asks Valerie as they walk at the pod.

- …

Danny was speechless, unable to answer his friend the way he would have done any other day.

- Hey… what happened last night… is not your fault. - she says. - You know that, right? You saved as much as you could.

- Yes it was. I came up with all this stupid idea, thinking I could hide the truth behind a cool laser show with music… And now everyone is dead because of me.

- That--

- I should have been straight about this. Lying to you, to everyone here, it was selfish from us--from me.

- What are you talking about?

- The true.

- What true?

- You'll see…

As Danny walks up stage, the crowd goes louder. All reporters where asking a myriad of questions all at the same time, overwhelming him with a cacophony of queries but only one of them is heard above the others, Lance Thunder who was secretly Vlad Plasmius' vessel and, who during the last month had a meteoric rise from a forgotten weather guy reduced to a radio jockey of a two bit radio show to major figure in the news world, waging a campaign against Danny and his team, as well as any other ghost hunter, all of it thanks to Vlad's guidance.

- Mr. Phantom, what do you have to say about the towering failure it was your "Phantom Convention"?

- …That… that was not what this was meant to be. This was supposed to be a celebration-the beginning of a new era, but a ghost-

- Is it truth that this ghost came here with the only intention to hunt you?

- How would he know that? - Ask Dani to the rest of the team.

- Yeah, but-- Danny gets cut off before finishing his sentence.

- And is it truth that the reason he killed those poor innocent was only to get at you? To get your attention?.

- Ye--

- If that's the case then, wouldn't it be a safe guess to say that is not safe to be around you and that every ghost related tragedy is in fact because of you? - asks cutting him off again. - That you are in actuality the reason of all those ghost attacks that have been jeopardizing or humans lives not just this month but for the last four years that you've been active as a "ghost-hunter/superhero"?

- …during the last month, they've gone rogue, started breaking havoc in our world… well, more than the usual-which has nothing to do with me… they do that to send a message and it has been pretty clear, but we-I refused to see it.

- And what message is that if we can know that? - asked "Lance". - That of course assuming now you know what message is that.

- …We are at war with the Ghost Zone.

Chapter 18.1Edit

Danny Phantom Unlimited 18.1

Sick Sad World: Aftermath.

In the floating command center of the New Millennium Foundation, inside a windowless pitch black room, Danny faces Mr. M -in a manner of speaking- about the dire events that happened befallen the Phantom Convention.

"…So you have decided to tell the world the truth about the incoming war between the human world and the Ghost Zone?" Mr. M asks.



"Because I had to. I-I can't keep that a secret. That is not something that affects just me, it affects the entire world, they deserve to know what's going to happen."

"Is that so?"


"For years the Millennium Foundation has kept the world safe without anyone ever knowing anything about us or what could have happened. Hundreds of men and women all of them died with bravery trying to save and protect the world from that which others can't understand. We would always do the things that none else can, do what has to be done, without the world knowing about us or about the dangers that we keep away from them, because people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

"Well, if you think so then maybe I don't belong here. Maybe you got the wrong hero."

"You think people can handle the truth?"

"I believe we can help them, and sometimes is better when they know and are willing to get help."

"…And that Danny is exactly why you are the hero we needed all this years."

"Wait how long have you been up here?"

"Long enough to say that in the sky there is more than meets the eye. We have always been there Danny. Like shadows in the night, we are the unseen... watching over your shoulder like a guardian phantasm. When danger out of this world arrived, we would be the first and last to ever know about it, we would keep the world safe for tomorrow without saying a word or asking for gratitude or a parade for our sacrifice, always unknown, always unheard, always unnamed, always... unseen…"

"Okay… You said unseen twice."

"I'm sorry, sometimes… I let myself go."

"It's ok, I'm sure lived through the sixties or the seventies."

"But then the world changed, people now sees the dangers that were once invisible to them."

"But… I assume that doesn't mean you can go public."

"No, we can't, the world has changed but, people hasn't, and if they can't how can we? To protect the world we've done things… horrible, horrible things. People knows ghost are real and are a threat bigger than just haunted houses and when they see you they see the one man who can fight them, the one hero who can protect humanity from ghosts."

"I still don't get your point. Why can't you go public? Why do you have to keep things a secret? If you have kept the world safe, people will see that, they'll see that you are the good guys like me."

"People see what they want to see, in you they see a hero because you keep them safe, they see how you sacrifice yourself. They see you got power they can't even understand but they're not afraid of you because you have shown them your responsibility to them, and you have shown how to control it."

"I… wouldn't precisely put it like that…"

"But... if they see the power we have, they would not even see how we have used it to protect them, even worst they would be so afraid of it they would deem us irresponsible for how we have used it, for we do not answer to anyone. This kind of power they would not let someone they do not know to have control over it, instead they would want to think they can control it and they would fight us for it. If we go public it would panic like you have never seen, but you can change that. You can change how people think so we can change for the best, because you are a leader of men but for people to follow you, for they to trust you enough to lead the way to the future, you have to trust them that same way."

"So… telling them what I know about the war was the right thing to do?"

"People might not find themselves fond in what happened or what you said, but when the moment comes, and it will come, they will see in you a straight man so see through-"

"That actually hurts."

"-that they will see there are no lies in you."

"I don't think I can see that working out well... Wait, what you say… I'm basically your P.R. then, am I not?"

"Now Danny, do not think so low of yourself. Now let's talk about some more… personal affairs."


"How are you feeling?"

"Aaahh… fine… I guess?"

"Hasn't there been anything that troubles you? Any pain of sorts?"

"Nothing, just the usual phantom pains I have from my battles but they always wear off, why'd you ask?"

"Because I have the feeling that there is one that doesn't wear off."

"What do you mean?"

"The suit monitors your vitals stats as it heals you but, there appears to be some... complications. Last night in your battle with Skulker, you emotions were too close to get the best of you."

"He is being nice," the suit's operative system G.A.S.P.E.R says," they actually got the best of you."

"No they didn't."

"And in your rile your ghost core seemed more active than usual, it produced more energy than the suit can handle, any more angry and it would have… overloaded. But that is not my biggest concern right now, I trust you will learn how to manage your temper…"

"Ha, yes he will." GASPER says sarcastically.

"Shut up!"

"No, my biggest concern is this," says snapping his fingers displaying a large holographic screen with Danny's x-rays. "As you can see, there are some bone splinters in your legs, your back spine, your lounges and most dangerously near your heart." Mr. M says pointing the bone splinters in red. "Yet they only seem to be there in your ghost form."


"You still think there is nothing wrong?'"

"Well that explains a lot."

"Does it, now?"

"I mean I usually feel this… phantom pains from my wounds like for weeks even after they heal but… they usually wear off… or get replaced by new phantom pains from other wounds. Sometimes I wouldn't even notice them anymore, I feel them there but I can't even tell if they're new or old, you know because of the constant beat up I get."

"I can imagine that."

"Since when do I have these?"

"Since the day of the bomb."

"How comes Gas didn't tell me this before."

"Believe it or not, you had more of them but they seemed to dissolve unlike these that moved along in your body and got stuck in rather delicate areas. We could remove some of them with a few surgeries, but the one in your heart is the one that- "

"Oh please no need to worry, is not the first time I take things outta me! I'd just simply phase my hand and take off."

"You don't understand, these are not band aids you get to rip off. A wrong movement and you might lose a leg."

"Lose a leg, like in… I won't move it anymore?"

"Or worse, you could damage your heart."

"Well that suck."

"Don't worry, we'll talk to the best surgeons and ghost expert to extract them from your body, on the mean time I'll give you this to ease the pain." Says teleporting in Danny's hand a drug prescription with a pills container. "But be careful, that drug can be highly addictive."

"Oh come on, is not Vicodin, isn't?"


"My God, you're giving me Vicodin? Are you too cheap to give me one of those unheard drugs you defintely have?"

"I think we talked enoguh here. You can go, and remember… this conversation never happened."

"I know, honesty is the best policy..."

"except when it isn't."

Many, many months from now.

The once wonderful and peaceful city of Amity Park is now split in two parts: the human half were all human citizens could live relatively safet and the ghost half, locked away by a red ghost energy shield that goes from above to under the ground, trapping the half that was once blown by a ghost nuclear bomb in a spheric ghost shield. This half was so contaminated by "ghostly radioactivity" and plagued with so many ghost-zombies that the government didn't have any other choice but to look it away from the world before the ghost-zombies situation goes even more out of hand.

Inside this dome, the hero of Amity Park who for all ironic purposes is a half-ghost and half-human stands before his enemies, the ones responsible for the bomb. Unlike their last encounter, he is not beaten, instead he stands tall and victorious before them, who have fallen and at his might.

Technus, the ghost leader of the ghost army that has gone full-out war on the human world lays on his knees before him. His entire system is being affected by a powerful virus Danny created specally for him.

"How? How could you do this?" He asks squirting in pain as his entire system goes down.

"Simple. You see I am supposed to save the world, but to be up to the task I can't limit myself to be the kind of hero who solves anything with his fists, I learned that last time we met. So to be up to the task I had to change some things, I had to change my methods, to break those limits," Danny explains walking towards his sworn enemy, "so first step getting a new suit -in this case I got two- because as all hero know when you get a new suit is because shit just got real, step two using my brain to outsmart you all, and God I had so much potential wasted all this years. This virus running through your whole programing is the proof of it, of course I took some classes with Tuck, but I did it all by myself daddy. This Trojan seemed like an average backdoor Trojan Horse, but the trick in it is (and I so love it) that when you recode it to shut it down, it'll trigger a different self-duplicating virus inside it that blends with a malware installed during your last upgrade. Thus, when you attack it you'are attacking your own system, is like a ghost-computer version of an immune disease.

"So in other words you are destroying yourself, you are your own worst enemy, and eve if you don't fight it, it will still do a a virus does. Honestly I'm surprised I could come up with it, and trying to download it into my suit won't work 'cause I'm not even here. This is an artificial-virtual body real enough to fight you, you were fighting a cybernetic replica all the time and you didn't notice that, what a master of technology. And now, it is my favorite part, the mercy killing...". States pulling out his arm-sword, raising his arm and swing his blades at Technus.

His end was now and as it casted upon him, a large shadow casted upon all of Amity Park, it was the shadow of a new age.