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A race of beings that exist in my made up world.


  • The White Stars
  • The Green Seat
  • The Wind Racers
  • The Star Watchers

My RaceEdit

One of the most ancient races, similiar to werewolves they have a genetic quirk that gives them deer characteristics  and their incapable of performing magic.  Unlike werewolves which pass for human whether their male or female, male deer people have antlers in their human form and the woman have deerlike eyes with both genders having long faces and high cheekbones, long legs, and deerlike ears.

They travel in herds, with the female and young being together with males usually on the outskirts watching for danger and guarding the woman and children.

Most act as shamans or healers. Due to their constant moving around some act as traders or bards, the craftier ones, work as information brokers. The herds are large and the nomadic lifestyle makes finding them slightly difficult at times to find, but individual herds are walking minicities, and nerve centers for some of the best healers, traders, metalworkers, and tanners you'll ever find.

A odd thing though is that unlike other shapeshifters you made have heard of; is that only some can shift just by thinking; in recent generations the genetic quirk has mutated, and now the deer people are born in their animal form which is their "skin" and they must use  their skin to become fully deer.