Zuko and Katara: Life and Water


             Katara faces the waves; a look of radiance comes over her. She begins first, her movements sure and graceful. He begins a few moments after, the feeling as his energy hits her water is shocking. He feels first cold, then a strange sense of warmth. The sea-ravens cries fade to the background. There is nothing but this, the ebb and flow of water and life. For one moment there is no separation; they are not fire nation and water tribe, they are just benders giving glory to their elements.

            He jumps and spins, easily falling into an old dance, from back when the Fire Lord and Sages were one. The only sounds the ebb and flow of the waves. He and Katara easily fall into step with each other neither leading nor following. Life and water, connecting likes a string woven around their souls, and they need no words. They stop breathless.

            The water flows back to the ocean and he brings the life energy back into himself. She returns to the gulley, dinner still needs to be prepared. He stands their staring out at the sea. The moon is just visible, soon turning the sea to silver glass. His life had changed so much. A strange feeling of nostalgia fills him, he’d started his journey on a ship, it’s fitting he end it on one. He feels peaceful; the soft glow on the water reflecting silver, blue, indigo, and all manner of greys.

            The war is over. He can barely wrap his mind around that. The war his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father had all supported, it’s finally over. Strange to think that he will now be the one leading his people. He knows that just beyond the horizon will be his subjects. Memories run across his vision; learning his craft, gaining the Avatar’s trust, and finally Ozai’s glare of hatred, as he agreed to abdicate the throne.

            The morning sun is glorious. The white gulls scream, calling him home. His journey is over. Fire Nation subjects cry his name over and over. His voice echoes as promises of a peaceful future spill from his lips. He sees tired faces, worn with strife and worry reflected in ever member. No more will their sons and daughters be made to fight a war for a royal’s greed.  A roar of approval rises the moment he stops speaking, and it takes a full day for the ringing in his ears to stop.

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