Ok this is basically where every plotbunny goes until I have the time and energy to work on it. Or just add it into a story i'm already working on.

New IdeasEdit

[After the death of their parents Bolin and Mako are left with only eachother. While working for the Triple Threat Triads, Mako finds a stone that feels "alive" and sneaks it home where it hatches, a dragon. This causes a serious problem, and Mako must decide how to protect this baby and his brother from dangers both known and unknown. Things only get crazier when it's discovered they have family in Ba Sing Se.]

-Their will be some subplots about how firebenders are treated because of the hundred year war, also schisms between firebenders from the Fire Nation and firebenders from Republic City will be explored.

-Zuko will also make an appearance.

[ After Prince Zuko is exiled the spirits enraged at the war dooms the Fire Nation by setting the volcano to erupt destroying the entire seat of power, the islands collapse into the ocean. Only the royal children, the Fire Lord and Iroh are left alive along with a few thousand firebenders that managed to escape. The building that survived are the dragon catacombs where Prince Zuko led by visions from Agni takes the scrolls finding information about a strange group of firebenders out in the vast emptiness of the sea where he may learn firebending techniques not seen since the Sun Queen fled.]

[Banished much earlier Zuko and his uncle take up living with shipmasters, when Chief Hakoda comes in search of a waterbending teacher, Zuko decides to come along.]

[The GAang in a far more modern setting (our world but still Avatarverse) and the way bending could be explored realistically (I'm thinking something like mixing ATLA and Naruto)]

[Very modern ATLA with maybe cyberpunkish style and Ghost in the Shellesque technology with benders]

[In a Alternate World England/Avatarverse fusion the Fey/Spirit world and human world have merged resulting in chaos. A anthology of one shots.]

[Zaheer, a air acolyte taught under Aang, believes the airbenders need to return to the way the Air nomads were before the hundred year war, sparking a split between the airbenders into two airbending nations. When Korra must begin her airbending training the two airbending nations must decide on how she is to be trained]

[The Fire Nation after the ANG decides to take some surviving airbender children as trophies of war, raising them as Fire Nation, when Aang returns this will cause an immediate problem with how the air nomad culture is to develope]