Full Name: Seraphine Rebane-Palmer

Arjanwrites kerli mp3

Preferred Name: Serah Palmer

Current Age: Twenty-one

Nationality: Estonian

Hometown: Maardu, Estonia

Languages spoken: Estonian, Russian, Tatar, Latvian, English, and French

Character Face: Kerli Koiv

Graphic credit to Sherlock Forever @ tda

Character Personality: Serah is a soft spoken young woman. She's introverted, but not shy. She is hotheaded, so watch your tone and attitude or Serah will put you in your place.

Character History: Will fill in later.

Handler: Steph32597s

Sample Post: Serah didn’t plan to walk into La Petit Dragon. She wanted to get her shopping done and over with, but all the people walking in and out had made her very curious. She thought that maybe she could just go in and draw, but of course, her plan didn’t fall through. A girl, probably not much older than Serah, randomly spoke to her.  Serah turned her head to see if the older girl was speaking to her or if there was someone more important behind her that the girl could be talking to. But Serah was the only person she could be talking to. The place was full of adults, or at least full of people too old to go to Beauxbatons.  Serah gauged her other options. She could pretend that she didn’t hear the girl. She could slowly back out the door to avoid talking. But the option that made her look the least stupid was to sit down and talk to the exotic-looking girl who had spoken to her. “Yes-s-s,” Serah stammered. “I’m S-s-erah. Serah Palmer.” 

Serah sig

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