Thead is the Necromancer leader of the northeastern necromancer community, in the Forest of Death. He is loyal to the Empire and to the ruler of his Domain, Antonismage.


Thead is a disciplined and determined man. He is very cautious and methodical in his approach during battle. Furthermore, he has shown great bravery on the field, willing to risk his life to aid his allies without hesitation. Despite his senior rank among the necromancers, Thead is a humble man, openly showing his sincere gratitude for other people's assistance. Likewise, Thead is very loyal to his friends and allies, willing to do whatever is in his power to help.

He is really serious and focused and he is willing to even sacrifice himself for the Empire. The other necromancers respect him greatly. Thead is able to show mercy, even to his enemies. According to him, the ultimate crime is betrayal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Necromancy: Thead's magical abilities revolve around manipulating the dead, death, the life-force and/or souls for good (i.e., resurrecting the dead), evil (in various ways) or neither. Thead can also use communicate with the deceased (either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily) for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge.
    • Immortality: Being able to manipulate death itself, he is unable to die and he doesn't age either. Because of that, some say that he is more than 450 years old.


  • Antonismage: Thead respects his ruler greatly. He is completely loyal to him. In fact, as stated by him, when he fights for the Empire, he fights for Antonis. Antonis respect him greatly too. He always talks to Thead like he is of higher authority than him. However Antonis' friendly ways, do not always suit to Thead's strict way of life. Thead sometimes sees Antonis as a child and, although he will never admit it, he thought that Antonis was not a suitable ruler. But after seeing how loyal he is to the Empire, during the WWN, he now respects him more than ever.
  • Necromancers: Thead sees the Necromancers as his brothers and sisters. They are his family and his whole world. He will do whatever it takes to protect the Necromancer community. The Necromancers, especially the ones of the northeastern community, respect him as he is some kind of saint. He is like a local hero or celebrity for them. And many times, he is considered as the protector of justice, among the necromancer community. Even the necromancers who live in other places of the Empire respect him and consider him a great person.