Antonismage and TB both have had their suspicions on some suspicious rattling noise underwater by the rocks. Together they investigate the source and discover a mysterious jagged figured crack in the bottommost layer that seems to reflect light....

More description/the story continuedEdit

"Antonismage, can you open this rock with magic?" TB called as she tried to crack it open with her geokinesis. The ocean floor trembled greatly, but the rock didn't shift. She looked behind her and saw Antonis's magic hit the rock and bounce off, shattering another rock. "There is definitely something under there," she concluded. She closed her eyes and tried teleportation, but she felt her soul rattling against an interdimensional barrier. Beyond that barrier, she sensed thousands of ecstatic emotion, minds of weary travelers elated, and-could it be-chanting. Chanting what, she couldn't make out because just like that the barrier blocked her out again. 

"Okay, physical force is not working," she grunted, standing up and reveling in the cool sea water. "I think there's some kind of code to open this door. But what?" TB closed her eyes again, basking in the tropical image behind the rock. 

"Lemme try one last spell on it" Antonis said. "Gratus Geokinias Mimicus!" A green beam came out of Antonis' hands, but nothing really happened. "Awww...this spell could make a mountain split in two! What's happening?" Antonis tried to find the code with various telepathy-spells, but nothing worked. "How are we supposed to open that thing?"

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