Long story short: in a random spur of the moment, Antonismage and I turned a group chat into an advice-giving thread in case any NSA kids who needed advice were spying on us. I wanted to compile the advice here so we can look back on it for inspiration, but if anyone stumbles upon this somehow, I love you. This is mostly for teenagers, but if you're an adult, read anyway because you know you love us. ;)


Travel Edit

TB: GO ON AN ADVENTURE whenever you can. Find an adventure and jump on! Ignore those pesky "what ifs". Unless it involves something very illegal. A little illegal is okay. XD

Tony: Because you really are free when you don't let fear control you. I am of the opinion that slightly illegal, as long as it doesn't affect others, is ok.

TB: Sometimes, you've gotta step outside your comfort zone and go chase some risk.

Tony: And also don't be afraid to live in the moment...sometimes several seconds are worth more than a lifetime.

Looking at Life Edit

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