Spark by Empressofmelnibone


Spark's story where my AU Zuko instead of gaining firebending, can manipulate the lifestream. Basically Zuko's abilities are akin to energybending, a kind of throwback to to the very first benders.

Once their was a man named Aadi and his great love Abhita and their love resulted in the world nearly being destroyed, but will their reincarnations, Zuko and Azula suffer the same fate.

Chapter 1: LifeEdit

            It’s the third day, and still all he can see is the golden flow. He feels frustration till he’s snorting flames like an angry hogmonkey. His teacher’s claimed that before the war, all firebenders were able to influence the rivers flow and perform works of healing that could even amaze the water healers. It was even rumored that the great Fire Sages of old could bring the dead back to life. Again he raises his arms, feeling the warm energy around and through him. Reaching deep into him, the young man lets the small spark of energy flow from his breathe, to his fingers and connect to the golden light.  A faint thrum builds at his fingertips; the young fruit tree in front of him is blazingly bright with the promise of renewal.

            He can feel the life, pushing that urge, nudging that spark into a blaze; he smiles as the tiny sapling grows to the length of his waist. The sapling is now a tree, long limbs dancing in the muted spring air, heady with the scent of blossoms. His arms drop with fatigue, shaking with the effort even that small amount of practice had drained from his inner fire. His head felt fuzzy and strangely lightheaded. His inner fire flickers and wanes like a sputtering candle.

            Spring is almost overpowering with the sound of rebirth. The tree’s blossoms sounding like mini chimes as they open for the first time. The crackle-hiss as new limbs begin grasping for the first rays of the sun’s light. The sun’s rays dance on his pale skin, the song of spring calling him to lie down in the grass and drowse.  He smiles as the bells in the village below call him back to reality.

            Turning back to the path, and Uncle, careful to leave no sign he’s been here. The scent of tea assaulting his senses the closer to he gets to their current home. He feels tired but happy, and for once he feels eager to tell Uncle of his progress. His green eyes attesting to his power, and for once the heavy feeling of shame, his shame, is lifted.

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