=== Disclaimer: This is an original short story for TB's horror OS contest. Not a fanon. ===

Total no. of words: 372 Edit

Limit: 450 Edit

' 'Act one

Scene one

Fade in

Exterior: a dark, silhouetted room, two people sitting under a swinging lamp, a Rondel dagger lying in between.

‘‘Will you help us then?’’

A nod.

‘‘Good! We can use someone of your expertise, Rhor’o.’’

The night their fate is decided.

Fade out

' 'Act two

Scene two

Fade in:

Exterior: a pitch-black, dingy room, continuous shouts heard, an ebony woman and an incensed man present.

“Shut up woman!”

A shriek.

“Stop clinging to me!’’

A door slammed.

A child wept.

Cat-eyes glistened.


The night that changed all.

Fade out

Act three

Scene one

Fade in:

Exterior: a full moon casting faint glow over the thick woods, dead silence, five figures stealthily creeping through.


A branch snapped, the group halted.

“What are you doing, Ms. Rhor’o? Someone of your abilities ought to know their way about the woods better.’’

A shot fired, a raw, agonised cry of a man pierced the still air.

Rhor’o!  How could yo– I apologise!’’

“How can you be so acquiescent, Slooka? She k-k-killed Harvey!’’

Grabbing of the hooded-woman’s collar as cat-eyes gleamed, the man wincing as his hand removed. Leaves rustled.

“That s-s-strength…inhumane!’’


The night their doom was inevitable.

Fade out

' 'Act three

' 'Scene two

Fade in:



“There’s no wind, why are the leaves moving?”

“Paranoia; you are paranoid, Mr. Daykin!’’

Multiple eyes suddenly appearing everywhere in the dim forest, menacing, sinister…pure evil.

The night their fate is sealed.

Fade out

' 'Act four

' 'Scene one

Fade in

Exterior: four bodies hanging, various hooded bodies standing beneath.

"Well done daughter, you helped catch the last of the slayers.”

Daykin watched, transfixed, as those cat-eyes opened: malicious…gleeful.

“Anything to keep our race alive, mother.”

Cat-eyes pierced at Daykin.

“Did you really think you could kill my mother and the half-human you dared sire, but so ashamed you stooped to kill me!

Daykin’s eyes widened, cat-eyes drew nearer as sharp metal glided over the soft skin, the half-human, half-troll gaily licking the blood pouring out.

“So many humans – how about a feast?’’

More trolls came forward, sharp metal glinting in each hand, licking lips, eyes showing the intense hunger, as Rhor’o burped.

A human skeleton swung to and fro.

Life can change in a heartbeat.

Fade out

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