These are the results of my one-shot contest. Also, don't judge your review. I'm new at this, OK? Please don't hurt me...

Fallen Angels Edit

This fanon is disqualified due to continuation. JK! ^^ Since I'm not familiar with All Grown Up, I didn't really get most of the Fallen Angels thing, but I'm looking forward to the next chapters to find out! This fanon was going a little too fast-paced for me. It was like they were in an alley one moment, the next the Fallen Angel dude was dragging her. Again, since I don't know the fandom, I think that if I did I would have enjoyed this story more. Even so, great job, you blue mysterious otter thingy!

To Trainer, From Metapod Edit

This was the first Pokémon fanon I've seen. This one was without doubt the funniest, and I don't really have remarks on it! The author also managed to sneak in a moment of sentimental stuff (the kind where you say awwwwwww) and uhm, yeah! On to the next one! Good job, Queen!

Yakone's story Edit

This one was the best of all. Sorry guys, but it's the truth. I loved the way this was written, and the only real flaw I could find after three times rereading it, was the fact that Yakone put his finger on his lips. Why? He never saw anyone outside from Hana he could have learned this from, so how would he know that it stood for silence? And if he didn't knew, why would he so it? But that was really the only thing that bugged me. Everything else was A-OK!

Finally... Edit

Thank you, three contestants! Even if it wasn't much, this somehow got the fanon part of the wiki going. I hope to see you in a future contest!

Cackling Shadow